A Documentary Project From Lesbos

Portraits of a City produces short documentaries that tell the stories of people living in Buenos Aires and Lesvos. Our mission is to inspire others by showing extraordinary stories of normal people. We believe that we are all people with different life circumstances but often with similar challenges and dreams. By portraying their stories we create awareness and connection. Without any pretentious to make neither extraordinary nor special videos, Portraits of a city simply aims to show what it is that makes people unique and authentic, their way of living, and to transmit what happens to them. Some stories came out of a simple conversation, in others we knew what we where looking for. But what happened, in all cases, is that we could never predict the outcome. The story could appear in small details, in hidden reactions. We were looking for a story, and we always went away with a better one.

We make short films about real people, our project is formed by the people, by the place, and by it’s stories. That’s what we love about it. We love to show these personal portraits of people and therefore understand each other better, with the goal of connecting the world and creating awareness through our videos.


Emilia and Sabine are the people behind Portraits of a City. They met in Buenos Aires where Emi and Sabine made a lot of films together. Sabine is a filmmaker from Holland. She used to live in Buenos Aires for 4 years. Sabine is producing and directing for her company DitzTV and Hello little sprout. Emilia is currently living in Argentina working in journalism and on audio visual projects. We are a non-profit organisation, based in Amsterdam/ Buenos Aires. We have a background in media and are passionate to execute the mission.


Portraits of a city


Family conflict caused Parisa and her family to flee for their lives after many violent attacks by their own family.


followed her heart to Lesvos and started as a project manager at the NGO Because We Carry.


The fastest man on Lesvos.