How video builds your brand stronger

Throughout the last couple of years, everyone’s lives are getting busier, and it has become harder to get the attention of our target group. Now a days, our short in-between-work breaks are more about going online and scrolling through photos and videos. What if your brand was one of those videos? A snack just before lunch? A snack video perhaps? In this blog I will be giving you some ins and outs why online video is so important for your brand and explain all about snack videos and the importance of KISS. 

By Thalia Lacle, 2 Min Read.

New hype: snack videos

Video builds trust, and trust is the foundation of the relationship between you and your consumer. Snack videos (between 15 and 25 seconds) are one of the trends in online video that just keeps growing. It is THE introduction to a brand and the best way to reach your audience. A short video a.k.a. snack video, makes it more enjoyable for someone to get familiarised with your brand. A good video introduces your company and it states its goal by answering the needs of your consumers. This can trigger the consumer right then and there to purchase. Take a look at the snack videos of Auping. Lovely short videos.

Why video gets more views

But what is a good video? A good video is one that creates value for its consumers, it is not too long, and it is authentic, with real people and tells a real story which viewers can relate to. When your video triggers the interest of a consumer, they are more likely to share it with friends, or tell their friends about a video they just watched. While it might not happen right away, that friend will look that video up once the topic enters their conversation or thoughts again. This is our modern “word-of-mouth” marketing which is still going strong.

Don’t recommend yourself, let someone do that for you

Many brands make the mistake by introducing their brand as the best and pushing their viewers to buy it. Now a days, consumers do not want to be

pushed to buy, but rather want to feel like it is their own choice and that they have a real connection to the brand and its products or services. Do you remember the Dutch commercial of WC EEND? WC EEND was one example that lead and conquered that market with their famous humorous commercial. They recommended themselves, and people bought it! Keep in mind this was a long time ago and it was a very strong brand.


So what to do, to build your brand stronger through video? I mean online videos are your company’s business card. It is what the public sees when they look you up, they Google a brand and people decide then and there to click through to your brand or scroll for the next. Time is too precious now a days for someone to read a whole introduction to a company they are not familiar with. So, it is very important to have a good online video explaining who you are and how you can contribute to your viewers lives. It is even more attractive if your video is KISS; Keep It Simple and Short. This can make the consumer look you up again when he or she is thinking about your product, but if the video is not appealing, they might look up your competitors instead. One of our favourite videos that we did not produce? The video of Velux (below) shows that storytelling from the consumers side is working a lot better. First showcase the problem people have and then come up with the solution. Your solution!

Tell your story!

So maybe you know your brand, company story, but does your audience or client know this as well? Video is the way to tell and visualise your story. When trust is build, customers can tell your story for you and pass it on. This is more likely to happen when you have a good connection with your audience. DitzTV helps to connect your customers to your brand.

Are you connected?