The do’s and don’t in creating your online video content

There is no doubt that when you invest in making a video about your brand it should be about your brand. But is that all it should be? In this blog I will explain the biggest mistake made when making a video about your product or service and how consumers might even disconnect from your brand. But don’t worry, I will also let you in on what you can do to create loyal customers for your brand.

 By Thalia Lacle, 2 Min Read. 

Many goals, one focus

Many make the mistake of creating a video that just provides so much information about a brand or product that the consumer is not even aware of what the actual product or service does. There actually is something as TMI (too much information) when it comes to informing about your product or service. Consumers typically have a problem, and they need that fixed, therefore they search for a brand that helps them fix that one problem. If your video explains the solution, but also solutions to 10 other problems they might or might not have had in the past or in the future, a consumer can get confused and easily search for another brand that might just speak to their 1 specific current problem. Because today there are many competitors, this mistake might lead consumers to disconnect with your brand on the long-term. That is why you must always remember to KISS, keep it short and simple.

Line production for Philips, Flickering Wall. 
Buenos Aires 

Creating a low budget video, might get your message across, but a consumer, who because of the many choices, craves quality over quantity, will know the difference.

You get what you pay for

Penny wise, pound foolish: means you get what you pay for. Many companies do not want to invest too much in video and think that with finding a cheaper video production company and less resources, the video will eventually make its point anyway. You couldn’t be more wrong. Consumers come across hundreds of online videos, high and low quality, and the internet, nowadays, is so advanced that the consumers are more educated in technology then we sometimes would like them to be. Creating a low budget video, might get your message across, but a consumer, who because of the many choices, craves quality over quantity, will know the difference. And even if your brand has a good quality, if the video is of a lower quality, the consumer will associate this with your brand.

What to do? Purpose & video strategy

Oh yes, strategy is the key to all our problems. When you finally decide to invest in an online video, because everyone is doing it and you want to keep up with the competition, it would be a waste if you invest so much in a video and it only gets 400 views. That was not what you signed up for was it? Well, as I said, strategy is the answer to everything. Not only should you know what your goal is with this video, you should focus only on that goal and transfer your believe you have in your product or service, onto the video. Having a video strategy in place and knowing exactly what the output should deliver, will give form to the video itself. Know what you want, believe in it, and make sure a good marketing strategy is set in place to monetize your online video. Only then can you create a successful online video.

Create a connection 

Now that you know what to do and what not to do, you can start strategising your video. Once a plan is set in place, don’t be afraid to invest in a high quality video to get your message across just as you intended it to. Remember less is more. The bottom line is, keep your focus on one aspect and one goal, inform your consumers and create a connection with them, this will get you your results.

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