7 ultimate tips for filming across borders

Have you ever had the opportunity to work in another country and faced some issues regarding the difference in culture or even a language barrier? In this post we will share our insights and tips & tricks to make your video production be able to cross borders without any difficulties. DitzTV had the pleasure to create multiple video productions in amazing locations such as Italy, Greece, Germany and Argentina. The last one was a testimonial video production for the company Flexport in Berlin, Germany. Flexport asked DitzTV to make a compelling video that will create trust between Flexport and its clientele in their European location.  

Photo above: Buenos Aires, line-production with Flickering Wall
Photo below: Berlin, International production DitzTV

Traveling with the crew

1. It all starts with crossing borders and traveling with equipment. Make sure you do research on what you may or may not bring on your trip and have alternatives in place. For example, there is a limit to how many batteries you are able to take with you on the plane. Being in a frequent flyer program definitely helps and saves a lot of time!


How to prepare for a production abroad

2. But first PPM! Pre-production meeting, this is a meeting where all details are discussed with the client and the crew so that everyone is in sync with each other. This meeting is crucial to determine which strategy will be set up from the point of arrival to traveling back home. The PPM is where everyone can still give their input and explain why something is done in a certain way. After this meeting, a plan of action will be created and which will be followed as well. The plan of action describes in detail; times of filming, how long every part will take, even the exact the travel time from one place to another. The production in Germany was shot in different locations. One of which was a warehouse that was located 2,5 hours from Berlin. So an important aspect to take into your action plan is the set up time, because this can be very time consuming at times. Try to pre-calculate every aspect and give yourself time for any unexpected issues. Moving crew and equipment cost time!

Research & people management

3. There is always a difference in culture, in communication and in interviewing. It is therefore really important to research the culture, the people, and how to work with people from that culture. Sometimes you will work with a local crew who have a different habit and way of working than what you are used to. 

4. Each country has a different approach in video production. In Germany for example is privacy and honesty very important. In Italy they are more open to interviewing and not shy when they are being filmed on location. In Buenos aires safety is a big issue as they can rob you while filming, so always make sure you have an insurance! Very important! 

5. Always keep your memory card on your body (after filming) so if you get robbed, you at least have your footage! These elements are important to take in account. 

6. One thing that is more important than everything mentioned above, is a team you can trust and who knows what they are doing. 

Take a loot at the video we made in Germany.

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Going global

7. Whether you are the video production company or the client, remember to work with a team who you can trust, and who knows what they want, need, or can do. These tips mentioned in this post are very important when producing a video abroad, and easy to follow. Every experience is a new one, make sure you use them as a guideline for your next experience to grow and learn along the way. 

Oh one last tip: Make sure you enjoy the ride!

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