The contribution of video in Corona.​

2020 has turned out to be a year filled with surprises, good and bad. These unknown times we are currently living in have changed our perception and sometimes even our priorities. Even in times of social distancing, it is important to stick together. Let us stay connected, let us inspire and make the difference, together we can be part of the change, are you ready to do your part? Together with Chau Nguyen, a strategist mastermind, the importance of video content and what to do best during a pandemic, will be told next. 

A clear message

Video is a growing trend and is becoming more important everyday, but during a worldwide pandemic, video seems to be one of the most powerful tools to bring people together and inspire the ones who need it most. In times like these, it is even more important to use your voice and tell your story. If people know your story they are more likely to go with you.

The important thing to keep in mind is to know what message you want to tell people and with what purpose. Your message can be inspirational, informational, or even just to make people laugh. Video can deliver your message as you intended it to be. But stay real, and through to your own vision, and most importantly do not be scared to show emotions. 

A real strategy

So, how can you implement video in your strategy in a time like this and how can it add value? First and foremost, as mentioned above, know what message you want to transfer to your audience. Make sure it is a personal and real message. This means that you should not be afraid to show your true emotions and do not be afraid to make a mistake. The people are in need of a real authentic message from a familiar face or a trustwording brand. Video content is the easiest way to be close to the people.

When shooting a video, and you do not have the access to the professional equipment, use what you do have access to, if that is your smartphone, then so be it. Do mind the location, lighting and background sound. Keep in mind that it is for people who need you and who believe in you, this time is not a time for hard sales. This will only discredit you as a person or even your brand. 


Golden Tip for the entrepreneurs

Take this time not to stop working, but to reflect on yourself and what you stand for. Know who you are, where you want to be, and how you wish people to perceive you. Take this new found knowledge and use video content to tell your story to the world, your followers, your target group. Telling your authentic story has never been as important as now. And people have the time to listen to you now.

"Telling your authentic story has never been as important as now! And people have the time to listen to you"

- Chau Nguyen

Well applied example of video content

An example of how some organisations use video in a way to connect is the following. David Jongen, the director of the Zuyderland hospital in Heerlen, the Netherlands streams out a weekly video message. This video is showcased in the hall and directed to all the people in the hospital, working and ill. To motivate, inspire and inform the employees of the hospital. A very good way to connect people. It helps the employees gain strength to keep doing what they are doing. It is an amazing example of sharing and coming closer to your people. It is true and authentic. 

We hope to inspire you to not give up, but solely change course in your strategy, adjust and apply it in a way that is needed and well received during times like these. Change can be good….


Photo by Alexandru Tudorache on Unsplash

Thanks to: Chau Nguyen, Fresh Agency.