4 video tips about how to create content in times like these

As we all can see, video content is showing up more and more and it is becoming indispensable. Video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Why? Because nowadays it is easier for the viewer to watch and listen and understand instead of reading the caption or a whole article. But what if you are working from home, lack the equipment or do not have the budget right now to have it done professionally? You can actually create real content at home with these tips and tricks from a professional video producer. Are you ready to create?


Where you in a video call lately? Most of us did of course during these Covid-19 times. And did you know that a lot of people don’t know how to position themselves in order communicate well? We give you some tips how to do well in your next call!

1.  Some are too close, others too far. That is why framing is so important. If you are making a video, where you are sharing your message with your audience, you want to connect with them. For your audience to actually hear you. One important tip is to level with them. Make sure your eyes are on 2/3rd of the screen. This gives you space to move and still stay in frame. 

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2. It is also important that you are on eye-level of the camera. That you don’t look too high or too low. This can give a different impression to the viewer. Too high can come over too strong or as an authority. Too low can be seen as a weakness or not believing in yourself.  Check out the video here.


The next crucial tip after you have mastered your framing, is the positioning of light, natural and otherwise. Natural light is preferable because it expresses more realness.

3. If you are positioned in front of the lighting making the camera face it, you will become a dark image. The other way around, will bring too much light in your face. A personal tip is to have the light shine on your side (does not matter which side). This will highlight one part of the face and creates a natural shadow on the other half creating realness and authenticity. Watch the video here.

Your story

Now that you are all set up, you can start telling your story.

4. Be real and honest about why you do what you do. Grab your audience their attention and take them on your journey. Convince them and transform them in your brand ambassadors. Be passionate and believe in what you do and tell. This is how you become the authority in your niche. Watch the video below.

We hope these tips give you inspiration! Please contact us if we can help you with creating video content!

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