Capture the essence of peoples’ and companies’ stories

Looking for dynamic, professional, high quality online video? Videos that provoke thought, move you and even change lives. Chances are we can help you and your organisation, but first we need to find out why you’re even looking to use video as a medium. Because what often gets overlooked is that it’s better not to post a video at all than to post a poor-quality video.

Hi, I’m Sabine, a filmmaker in heart and soul. In my work, I combine two of my greatest passions – documentary filmmaking and online video. Doing so allows me to capture the essence of peoples’ and companies’ stories and to create clear and compelling videos that share these stories with the world. I’ve developed an uncanny knack for getting to the core of my clients’ stories. I know how to help them feel comfortable and to ask the right questions while interviewing them. And with DitzTV, I’ve done so all over the world, meeting wonderful people from all walks of life and bringing their stories to life.


DitzTV has the team to help you do just that! Professionally qualified and highly experienced documentary makers, directors of photography, video editors, audio engineers, journalists, music composers and storytellers. Our expertise is real people, real stories. We want to keep it real with our clients and our audience. Documentary style, but short and with a story. Your story.

Around the World

For the past decade, DitzTV’s teams have been travelling the world. From the Americas to Africa. From Europe to the Middle East. Capturing countless stories and creating thought-provoking, moving and even life-changing video – on behalf of international corporations, top-name brands and global causes. 


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Our Network of Professionals

Julia Bleeker


Julia worked as a producer and pitched different film formats at international filmfestivals and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Marketing.

She is an expert in her field, Marketing, where she founded her own business in creating Marketing strategies and creating content. She assists DitzTV with video productions and social media management.

Shima Zeroual

Sales Expert

Shima has over 10 years of experience in sales and after working 6 years abroad, she developed her own sales methodology and has supported 20+ companies in the last 2 years to increase their sales with her company SalesMoments.

Shima supports DitzTv in attracting new customers in creative ways but always staying true to DitzTV’s values. Last year, Shima has helped DitzTv in increasing it sales with 40%

Pierre Rezus


Pierre graduated from the Dutch Film Academy with a degree in Documentary Directing, Camera & Lighting in 2006. He’s established a very impressive track record in Dutch documentary cinematography.

At DitzTV, he’s been combining documentary film-making with corporate video work.

Chau Nguyen


Chau graduated from Leiden University with a master’s in Corporate Law and intellectual property in 2015. Her thesis examined the freedom of the press and the media code in the Netherlands.

Since then, she’s moved into branding and marketing and founded her own agency. She assists DitzTV with its clients’ media strategy.

Bas van de Nobelen


Bas graduated from the Avans University of Applied Sciences in 2015. Since then, he’s been specializing in full-service video production – from conceptualization to visualization.

At DitzTV, he plays a key role in providing a full range of services for clients small and large, nationally and internationally. 

Sabine van Ditzhuijzen

Founder & Director

Sabine founded DitzTV in 2011 – a few years after graduating from Utrecht University with a master’s in Theatre, Film & Television Studies.

Together with her experienced team of professionals, she’s developed an uncanny knack of uncovering and capturing the essence of her clients’ stories.