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With over 190 million companies worldwide, how do you stand out?

Employee branding – showcase your brand or company through the people. Presenting your employer as a professional in a short, powerful testimonial video.

Challenge: To stand out, to do it differently, to show the people behind your company.
Solution: Producing short portrait videos in a personal manner. Real people, real stories.
Channels: Website, social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook)
Impact video: Organic 46,000 views in one week (Merel van der Wouden). Contact us for more cases and numbers of views

Sabine and her team developed a way to get to the core of her clients’ stories. She knows how to help them feel comfortable and to ask the right questions while interviewing them. The team of DitzTV interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life and different companies. With the videos bringing their stories to life.Emplo

Video testimonials are one of the fastest growing assets in content marketing for any business.

There’s a reason that so many content marketers are using both video and testimonials – because they work. And when you put them together, you’ve got yourself a formidable marketing tactic that drives social shares, attracts more traffic to your site, builds trust with your audience, and converts customers.

Check out a few of the video testimonials we’ve created for our clients. The Student HotelFreelancers United, Leef Puur Natuur & Merel van der Wouden, Crossphase.

We use the Eye-direct to create an authentic outcome of the interview. This tool guarantees eye contact with any interview subject, regardless of age or mood. Subjects see the interviewer’s face while actually looking directly into the camera’s lens.


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TSH Collab portraits

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Leef Puur Natuur

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Merel van der Wouden
46K views in one week

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