With over 190 million companies worldwide, how do you stand out?

Employee branding – showcase your brand through your employees. 

There’s a reason that so many content marketers are using both video and testimonials – because they work. And when you put them together, you’ve got yourself a formidable marketing tactic that drives social shares, attracts more traffic to your site, builds trust with your audience, and converts customers.

What can we do for you within this package?

• video strategy
• full-service video production
• customer storytelling
• employer branding
• one day video concepts

Have our team of video professionals capture your message and create a powerful video that will win the hearts and minds of your audiences.


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User experience

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Customer story

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Corporate documentary

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  • from €4,900
  • extra options available


  • strategy session (2 hours / 4 people)
  • film shoot, equipment & crew (1 day)
  • editing, professional color correction & music
  • 2 editing adjustment rounds
  • social media implementation strategy
  • subtitling in spoken language

Extra Options

  • subtitling in any language
  • various social media channel formats
  • video implementation strategy