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Client: Portraits of a City         Date: July 2018           Category: Documentaries

Parisa and the Iranian love for pastry. Thanasis is born and raised in Molyvos, Lesbos. Amir, fastest runner on the island, originally from Afghanistan. Elies followed her heart emigrating to Lesbos. Portraits of a city makes short films about real people, their project is formed by the people, by the place, and by it’s stories. Portraits of a city loves to show these personal portraits of people and therefore understand each other better, with the goal of connecting the world and creating awareness through our videos.

By portraying their stories we create awareness and connection. Without any pretentious to make neither extraordinary nor special videos, Portraits of a city simply aims to show what it is that makes people unique and authentic, their way of living, and to transmit what happens to them. Some stories came out of a simple conversation, in others we knew what we where looking for. But what happened, in all cases, is that we could never predict the outcome. The story could appear in small details, in hidden reactions. We were looking for a story, and we always went away with a better one.
Challenge: Inspire others by showing extraordinary videos of normal people living in Buenos Aires and Lesbos.
Solution: Documentary portrait videos.
Channels: Facebook and

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Parisa after releasing her video online:  I’m so proud to meet you Sabine, Thanks so much for everything and introducing me to other people. I wish that I will be in a better place in the future. and that I can visit you again. You remind me, I should never give up. I will change my life. Again thanks so much!

Lesbos Portraits

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Portraits of a City

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Thanasis & Amir

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Buenos Aires

Marcela is a 60-year-old yoga teacher, living in the neighbourhood of Recoleta. Marcela lived abroad in Europe and the USA for many years. She was married to an American.

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Volunteer Work

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Around the World

Short films produced, filmed and edited
for several organisations such as
 Che Amigo (South America), Movement on the Ground & Because We Carry (Lesbos).

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< According to the Dutch

Goed TV

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< Philips

Line production. Flickering Wall. Philips. 2013.

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< Hoe Heurt Het Eigenlijk

Line production, Buenos Aires. 2013.

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