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Client: Flexport       Date:  August-October 2019       Category: Customer story/ Testimonial video

Freight forwarding is the circulatory system for global trade. It still largely runs on paper. Flexport is changing this with a strategic operating model for modern businesses that powers more transparent, more agile, more efficient, and more profitable global supply chains.

Mission Flexport
At Flexport, they believe all people should be seamlessly connected in order to conduct trade, without regard for physical borders, boundaries, or political agendas. That’s why they are building the first Operating System for Global Trade, a strategic operating model that combines technology and analytics, logistics infrastructure, and hands-on supply chain expertise.

Challenge: Tell the clients story in a documentary style video. Real.
Solution: Produce a customer testimonial video that tells the story of Flexport through their client. How Flexport can help their client to improve their business. A real story. Location: Berlin, Germany.
Channels: Website: Social media channels Flexport. Internal company intranet.
Production: Sabine van Ditzhuijzen
Director: Sabine van Ditzhuijzen 
DOP: Pierre Rezus
Sound: Chris Everts
Edit: Gert-Willem Visser
Color correction: Joel Sahuleka (Feverfilm)
Subtitles: Invision
Flexport: Tamara Bruinstroop, Kyle McArthur & Janis Bargsten

Format: 16:9 & 5×4

Customer story

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