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Client: Lab Rooms        Date: 2018           Category: VIDEO×1Day

Lab Rooms, making ideas happen. The world is full of people with brilliant ideas, hidden away in their minds. Unfortunately, most of these ideas will never see the light of day. That’s why we developed Lab Rooms. Unique, creative spaces for experimentation and play, combined with the expertise to help accelerate and improve performance. Our experts expand your team, rapidly leading creation and prototyping to bring your ideas to life. Quickly and easily.
Challenge: Lab Rooms wanted to communicate their mission and values in a way people would remember.
Solution: VIDEO×1Day. Short videos lasting no longer than 50 seconds produced in just one day. The videos address different aspects of the company. Subjects include: Fewer meetings – what could you be doing instead of sitting in a meeting? Meditation – improves work performance and reduces stress, The benefits of just doing things. A promotional video for the Design Your Life workshop.
Channels: Website, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook
Impact: A lot of people saw the videos and the company received a lot of attention on LinkedIn. They also received twenty hot leads as a result of the videos. The workshop video led to the workshop being sold out! The video about redesigning Piet went viral. It got more than 30,000 views on Instagram alone. Lab Rooms even had to disable the comments because they were becoming too much to handle. (Organic: 8,500 Instagram views and 18,000 Facebook views).

Love working with DitzTV! What a result in just one day! Original, creative and out of the box! Much appreciated.

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