Merel van der Wouden

Client: Merel van der Wouden        Date:  December 2019            Category: VIDEO×1Day, Brand Yourself

Whether you’re a marketing executive at a major company, a business owner looking for new employees or a start-up professional looking for some exposure to really kick start your idea, Brand Yourself is for anybody and everybody interested in taking their professional life more seriously, looking for new opportunities to grow their careers and company or connecting with other professionals. Brand Yourself is a video of maximum 60 seconds where people present themselves as a professional in a short, powerful testimonial video (portrait video).

Merel van der Wouden: In the Summer of 2017 Merel left the corporate consultancy world in Toronto to start her negotiation company: Blackbird Negotiations.
Merel helps women to successfully negotiate their salary or fees. Merel van der Wouden is here to teach ambitious women like YOU the strategies and best practices of negotiations. Her quote: Let’s close the gender pay gap together! Merel is: negotiation Coach, Keynote Speaker, Business Influencer.
Want to know more about the digital nomad life and leaving the 9-5?

Challenge: Showing the ‘real’ Merel and what she does as a professional.
Solution: Short brand video (50 seconds). Brand Yourself & Videox1Day
Channels: Instagram, LinkedIn and the website.
Format: Square video to make full use use of the space available on social media.
Impact: 30.000 views in 48 hours on LinkedIn, 460 likes, 98 comments and 10 hot leads. And still counting…

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