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Odgers Berndtson

Client: Odgers Berndtson       Date: January-March 2019            Category: Corporate

Organisations of every size and sector depend on talented individuals, teams and leaders to achieve success. Odgers Berndtson’s strength lies in the partnerships we develop to address that need. We form strong relationships with the most talented people, with those seeking them, and within our own global teams to bring all parties together.
Challenge: Odgers Berndtson is organising CEO×1Day in the Netherlands for the first time this year (2019). This is an event that students can apply for giving them the opportunity to accompany a CEO for a day. Odgers Berndtson would like more students to apply for next year’s CEO×1Day event. They also want to encourage more CEOs to take part and in doing so associate the name Odgers Berndtson with the event, which is all about about people and strategy.
Solution: Produce two short videos that show the selection day and the day spent with a CEO (Ernst Kuipers) and student Marc Gijsbers (Rotterdam Erasmus). The first video will provide a great overview of the day itself – enthusiastic students working together and having fun.
Channels: LinkedIn and internal communications worldwide
Impact:  2,700 views in 1 day and 7,000 views on LinkedIn. Film was shared by 200 people.

Marco Nijenmanting (Partner Financial Services)
Doordat Sabine scherpe vragen stelt en mensen uit hun algemeenheden haalt, krijg je scherpe en duidelijke uitspraken van deelnemers. Door juist de dingen te benoemen die iedereen voor algemeen aanneemt, krijgt Sabine een duidelijk verhaal over wat iemand bedoelt. Niet verwachten dat de kijker de terminologie van de ander begrijpt. Haar scherpe vragen, duidelijke stijl van communiceren en geïnteresseerde houding, zorgen ervoor dat anderen openen en hun verhaal helder en to-the-point kunnen doen.  Dit is nodig is om tot korte en pakkende films te komen. 

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