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Client: Tapp     Date: March 2018         Category: Brand & Corporate

Tapp loves the old fashioned pub. Where the bartender knows his guests and his suppliers. Where friends share a beer, a snack and a story. They also believe in new digital opportunities. That’s why TAPP links the familiar pub of yesterday to the innovation of tomorrow. Tapp offers the hospitality industry real-time insights in sales data, based on real POS data. That way brands and bars & restaurants know exactly which marketing actions, products and prices work for consumers. TAPP gets the most out of the hospitality industry. For everyone that loves the pub.
Challenge: How do you explain how Tapp works and what are the benefits of using Tapp? The challenge was to pursuade the bar and restaurants owners and their staff to incorporate Tapp in their work environment. With the goal of getting more insight in their business model.
Solution:  A authentic, no bull shit,  professionally produced video that show the happy staff of different bars in Amsterdam that already use Tapp.
Channels: Internal use (for more sales and staff training).
Format: 16:9

Meike, The film is on the website and we used it during the staff training in various cases, which always resulted in very enthusiastic responses!

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Photos by: Dennis the Prescott.

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