Workshops and trainings: DCHI

Client:  DCHI   Date:  October 2020       Category:  Training

We created an informational and inspiring online training for our client DCHI. DCHI brings together humanitarian organisations, research and educational institutes, businesses of all sizes and governmental actors.

How do you record a simple message with your smartphone and really make an impact?

To set the stage, what are people going to learn? At the end of this workshop you can record a simple message with your smartphone and really make an impact. With our client DCHI, the final goal was, to win the ‘Best Humanitarian Challenge Award 20’. 

– You know how to approach your audience with your video.
– What is the best way to formulate your question in video. 
– What the tips and tricks are in terms of technical stuff, such as lighting, sound, positioning yourself in video.

Sabine will teach you to practice and finally feel comfortable with yourself on screen. It’s all about repeating and rehearsing. 


The Student Hotel Amsterdam

Perfect lighting

How to frame yourself?